Van Nature is an alliance of growers and Dutch trading companies. In a jopint effort, they produce, pack and market a wide product range of greenhouse and outdoor vegetables, under the collective name VDN. Carefully selected growers an high standards in terms of environmentally friendly production, quality inspections and packaging all combine to make VDN brand a label that guarantees daily fresh top-class products. Short and direct lines of communication and logistics between the growers and the trading companies ensure that the produce is rapidly delivered to the client after harvesting.

This product spectrum give you an overview of the main products of the VDN range. For every product you will find a product description as well as details on its availabilty and packing options.

Food safety and certification
All VDN brand products supplied by the VDN partners come from market growers certified in accordance with GLOBALGAP standards.In the production of all VDN products, extreme care is devoted to the protection of the environment and to food safety and the highest standards of organic cultivation are applied in the production process. Additional frequent residue inspections ensure that the products are healthy, nutrtious and safe. Food saftey is considerd of paramount importance also in the trading companies, which are certified in accordance with stabdards including BRC Higher Level, IFS, QS an d HACCP. This warrants food safety in the distribution, warehousing and retail unit packaging processes.