Choosing Scherpenhuizen, means working with a partner with good market- and product knowledge !

With our assortment to Dutch and imported vegetables and fruit products as well as exotic products, we have realized a clearly profit development over the last few years. Satisfied buyers are with certainty the most important reason.

Since years we belong to the leading exporters from the Dutch product to Germany, Austria and France. Beside that we show also clearly grow curves in the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Great Britain and the East of Europe.

To our clients belong the (organized) chain stores, wholesale trade and intermediate trade and processing companies in all of Europe. All our experiences out of these specialties guarantee you, that we take care as well as small or large instructions with the biggest care ness in the right quality.

To guarantee the shortest way for our products, we take care of the whole transportation. So you can be certain, that you will always have the best possible fresh product from us.

Our sales team is eager to work out your individual delivery drafts. We are capable of working with daily, weekly, monthly, season or even year prices for our most products to offer.