We unite in fresh

Scherpenhuizen is a professional and dedicated family business in Brabant. Our extraordinary employees – sometimes also extraordinarily stubborn – are passionate about fresh fruit and vegetables. We are therefore second to none in understanding what is important to growers. This makes us the reliable and expert partner for quality growers, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Boosting 50,000 m2 of floor space, we can pack and transport any quantity of fresh produce. Your fresh produce is in safe hands within Scherpenhuizen.


We enjoy

Thanks to our love for the profession, expertise, and a hands-on approach, we can handle even the most complicated requests. Delivering fresh aubergines just-in-time to more than 15 countries to supply of thousands of supermarkets can be difficult. Fortunately, we are not easily fazed, this is because we are experts at packing, storing and delivering, whether it’s cold product flows or warm product flows, at Scherpenhuizen we go to extremes for both growers and customers.