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In fresh, quick, easy and tasty.

Meet the salad packages. One of our new products.
















Enjoy your holiday everyone!


We are still going strong!












Say hello to the Mango!


Available all year!












Did you know that we also import avocados?


Some nice-to-know facts about avocados!

  • Avocados are fruits and not vegetables
  • They contain a lot of protein, good for the athletes among us!
  • Improve heart and blood vessels with regular consumption


Curious for some facts about mangos?

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Happy Healthy Sunny Days!


What is your favorite dinner during the sunny days? Right! Our grilled vegetable mix! We will help you to create a delicious BBQ meal with the best quality of vegetables. What a great improvement! What do you think?


Cut the vegetables, add the herb mix and oil and have a wonderful evening!









A new home for our Van Nature products!


The box has a fresh and modern design.
Especially made for high quality vegetables: cucumber, tomatoes, peppers en zucchini.


What a great improvement! What do you think?