Let’s distribute

We understand the trade from the grower’s point of view, but we appreciate the retailer just as well. This knowledge allows us to switch gears quickly and smartly. We make the transition from grower to retailer and vice versa. Our flexible attitude and creative business spirit generate solutions, leading to win-win situations for all parties concerned. Our sales team is happy to work out your delivery concept. We can offer daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal or even annual prices for our most common items. 

According to the Dutch Quality Control Bureau (KCB), we have ranked among the leading exporters of Dutch produce to Germany, Austria and France for years now. In addition,
we are seeing strong growth in the Netherlands, Scandinavia, England, and Eastern Europe. Furthermore, we are the sales organisation for produce of Dutch greenhouse cultivation projects in Spain.

Let’s add value

We purchase the majority of produce from Dutch growers, e.g.

Oxin Growers. We are able to guarantee the highest quality because we have direct influence on the cultivation process. An online connection with all Dutch and Belgian auctions gives us maximum control of availability. What is not available in the Netherlands or Belgium, we can purchase all over Europe or even globally. In these remote corners too, we have direct contacts with growers, growers’ associations, trading companies, and import and export companies.

Our customers include retail chains, wholesale and distributive trade and processing companies throughout Europe. Our experience in all these disciplines is your guarantee that we carry out assignments with the greatest care and with the highest quality, no matter how big or small the assignment.